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Basset Hound Facts


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All about Bassets


1- Basset Hounds usually howl when they're left alone for long periods of time.
2- They were originally bred for hunting small game.
3- The male Basset Hounds (when adult) usually weigh from 55-75 lbs.
4- Basset Hounds should be brushed every week so they won't shed hair as much.
5- The Basset Hound's coat is made to be used in all weather conditions.
6- A Basset Hound's ears were created to hold the scent of the animal they're hunting for its strong nose to smell.
7- Since a Basset Hound has large paws, it is most likely to have disorders in the paws, like fungus infections between the toes.
8- The Basset Hound is short-legged and has heavier bones (considering its size) than any other dog.
9- The Basset belongs to the Hound group.
11- Bassets have a tendency to get fat because their sad look makes their owners feel bad for them and feed them more than usual.
12- When Basset Hounds become fat, it may result to back problems or heart trouble.
13- The inside of a Basset Hound's ears should be cleaned once a week.